Dog Igloo – An Innovative Design Towards a Happy Dog

Dog IglooA dog igloo, you say?

 If you’re tired of the usual boxed-type pet houses, this innovative design is unquestionably the right option for you. As what the name implies, a dog igloo is a dome-shaped kennel that is slowly becoming a pet must-have. It has similarities with the traditional ice-constructed Eskimo dwelling, but some added features make the dog igloo one-of-a-kind. Other terms for “dog igloo” include its portmanteau “dogloo” and “igloo dog house.”

 At a glance, a dog igloo has the following features:

 - an offset entrance or passageway

- lightweight, structural foam construction

- plastic exterior, treated with an antimicrobial agent

- may come with a heating pad

- comes in different sizes to suit small or big breeds of dogs

- adjustable vent

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Structural Foam Construction for a Durable and Well-Insulated Pet Dwelling

Dog IglooPerhaps the most important feature of the dog igloo is its construction materials. It’s not made from blocks of solid ice, but it’s created from thermoplastic materials following a structural foam moulding process. As a result, the walls of dog igloos have excellent insulating properties. They keep the interiors warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Aside from that, structural foam products are known to have a higher strength-to-weight ratio. Therefore, a dog igloo is ultra-lightweight, but it’s very strong and durable. And since it weighs less than the average pet house, a dog igloo can easily be transported.

Unique Entranceway for Space and Comfort

A unique feature of the dog igloo is its extended doorway. From a structural standpoint, this feature helps create more space for your pet. Aside from that, it also gives him a perfect place to observe and watch over the property.

If you own an Anatolian shepherd, this feature of the dog igloo will definitely be beneficial. As you know, Anatolians and the rest of the guard dog breeds recognize that their main task is to protect their stock. They do this by staying at a spot where they can have good vantage points over the property.

In addition, the entranceway helps protect the rain from getting inside the igloo. If you live in the South where annoying bugs and insects are a usual sight, know that this entranceway is an effective deterrent against these unwanted visitors.

Adjustable Vent for Excellent Air Circulation

In any dwelling place – and this works for humans as well – the quality of air plays an important role in the overall well-being of your pet. Stuffy smell or foul odors are a big no-no, and air pollutants must not circulate in the pet house and then breathed in by your dog.

If you buy a dog igloo, you have nothing to worry about as far as air quality is concerned. Igloo dog houses have an adjustable vent that decongests air circulation and helps bring in fresh and healthy air.

The presence of this adjustable vent also makes it easy for this pet house to be cleaned and maintained. Strong odors from cleaning agents can easily leave the interiors of the igloo, leaving behind a fresher and cleaner shelter.

Microban Treatment for a Healthier Dog

A trademarked product, Microban is an antimicrobial treatment that is added to the walls of the dog igloo. If you live in a place where the relative humidity promotes fast mold and mildew growth, you will love this feature.

Microban makes both the interior and exterior of dog igloos free from harmful microorganisms. The result is twofold. First, it makes your pet house easy to maintain because there are no necessary scrubbing or sterilization involved. Second, it also protect your dog from contracting any bacteria-related infections and diseases.

Heating Pad to Protect Your Dog Against Extreme Cold

Most of the dog igloos do not come with a heating pad. If you don’t have one, don’t fret because this can be purchased as a separate product at an affordable cost.

A heating pad is a device that helps regulate the temperature of your dog. This use can best be appreciated during snowy days when your pet would shiver or develop cramps. At night, you can easily turn this on to provide a warm and fuzzy bed for your dog.

Different Sizes for Different Breeds

Many dog owners fail to realize that dog igloos come in different sizes. When they look at pictures, they automatically assume that the igloo is too big or too small for their pet. If you read reviews, this is a common complaint of dog owners. But to prevent yourself from making this mistake, it’s always wise to get in touch with the manufacturer before making a purchase. Check the dimensions against the size of your dog. From puppies to long-legged breeds, rest assured that there is a dog igloo that suits your pet.